Purchase Online Classes

NOTE: Online classes are available for purchase by the general public.


The Online Classes have been designed for adults to learn Kenjute in the privacy of their own home and at their own pace. You do not need any previous martial arts experience. People currently studying other martial arts are also welcome to enroll in the Kenjute Online Learning Programs.


Adults may purchase all of the available classes at any time.  Testing for official rank certification with Kenjute International is optional.  Those who want to test and be officially certified should contact Kenjute International Headquarters for details.

It's as easy as one, two, three...    1. Go to "Sign Up" + 2. Purchase the classes through "Purchase Online Classes" + 3. Enter your purchased program through "Online Class".  Learn, enjoy, and grow!     

NOTE: If there is an official KI registered Kenjute school in your area, you should train directly under that instructor.  You are also welcome to purchase all online courses at any time.

COMING SOON: 2nd Degree Brown Belt, 1st Degree Brown Belt, and 1st Degree Black Belt

Note: All Prices are in US Dollars